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The Diseases that was growing in me


I am 21 years old, till the age of 19 i lived a life which was fairly okay. I was not born in a very poor condition neither was my life a glorious one. But one this was that i was blessed with a normal body where i did not have to suffer with any kind of abnormalities or diseases. It was after my 12th standard that i went to India for my further studies; there in a total disbelief i was diagnosed of having a disease called tuberculosis. I had latent tuberculosis, where i showed no signs and symptoms of the disease and i had no particular problem as such the disease was in fact growing within me. I was immediately treated with medication for about 6 months and then i was greeted with a message that the disease has been cured and it is no more in me. I was very happy as i knew the severity of the disease if it is not cured on the first attempt. Without much problem i easily got over the disease the first time it attacked me.

But my glory and joy were short lived after exactly two months i suffered from cold for the first few days i treated it with some cough syrups but since it didn’t respond well i went to the doctor again and i unfortunately had to bear with the news that the dirty disease has reoccurred. I was very tensed and horrified especially because i had prayed and thanked god immediately after i had been cured on the first attempt and i had asked him to save me from not having this disease back later on. Even after doing so, i got it back… I cried … a lot.. Since this was the second time… it was not easy for me at all.. The medicines which reacted well on me the first time now showed no response … my disease had become complicated.. .the doctor started on me with the second line drug, which included an injection.. i look it for three months and my body began to reject those medicines as well.. as days passed by my body started to deteriorate.. my so called immunity system started reducing and my body was prone to various infection with fever and cold off and on…

Slowly i started getting mentally disturbed i started losing hope and there was a fear that was me that i might have to leave this world and all the wonderful people around me.. This fear didn’t bring a positive strength in me but in fact made me worse, coz i stared feeling scared that lead me to be mentally disturbed. But thankfully i w as always supported and cared by my mom and many people,.

God has been rude to me for letting me go though such a dreadful test but at the same time he has been very kind to me. He blessed me with beautiful people and i was one lucky girl to have a support of a wonderful lady who is so beautiful not only from outside but from her heart. She supported me financially, she gave me the power to visit one of the best doctor in Nepal who solution to even a smallest trouble that i knew exactly about how she could revive myself from the deadly state… This doctor had her own unique way of providing treatment. She was extremely confident the best part about her was that she was a very sweet person who gave me all the worlds time to listen to every detail of my problem and always tried to find a solution to even a smallest trouble that i had it was a ¬†“Blessing in Disguise” for me to go through such difficult time in the best years of my life which is the “college years” but at the same time had the pleasure to have these three lovely lady (my mom, my doctor and person whom i address her as an Angel..) to be by my side who were there to wipe every single tear that dropped from my eyes.

These people took control over me and they tried to instill some hope in me. Always stood by me to listen to my problems well obviously after them come my family members, cousins and some lovely friends….With their love and support and though my hard work, i now can finally a sigh of relief. After years of battle with the disease I managed to get back. It was a total struggle of three years…. So with this story the only message i want to convey is “Everything in life doesn’t come easy” if you really want to achieve something you need to be patient. Always try to stay positive with a thought that “After every sunset there will be a sun rise” Every tomorrow is a different day. It is important for us to think broad every once in a while. Don’t be selfish with a thought that the life which you have now belongs only to you. Sometimes you need to work hard. If not for yourself then at least for the people around you, I worked hard for my MOM. Lastly, Signing off with the prayers that. Let there be less sickness on this earth……..

And may god give all those people suffering from various sickness,
the strength to bear the pain and overcome their tough time…………….
Always remember to have faith coz..

When you have come to the edge,
faith is knowing,
you will be taught to fly

by Tenzin N……