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Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Settlement – Pokhara

Tashi \palkhiling Tibetan Refugee Settlement at Pokhara
Tashi \palkhiling Tibetan Refugee Settlement at Pokhara

Introduction:  Tashiling Pokhra Tibetan handicraft center was established on 1962 on the total area of 120 rupani of land.  This settlement is located at Kaski Distt. of Nepal. The altitude of place is about 1005 ft. above sea level with an temperature of minimum 5 to maximum 30 degree celsius.

Initial Population 475
Present Population 975

No of Villages in the settlement. The settlement of consist of only village with 182 families.

School One day school upto class VII
One Nursery & Creche
One boarding facilities for the student.
Health Facilities One modern allopathic dispensary
Branch ofTibetan traditional medical center
Monastery Shang Gaden Choekhorling, kargyue Monastery.
Age Care Age care one age care center with 37 elders.

Administrative setup : Each settlement has a settlement officer who is the Representative of the Department of Home appointed by Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamsala. Settlement officer is the principle post of the settlement. He is charged with p1434376722-2overall control of running of affairs in the settlement. Under the Representative there are chief executive officer Co-operative society, appointed by CTA, Manager of the workshop and other small handicraft and also village leaders.

Representative acts as the liaison between the settlement and the Department of Home (CTA) and is the main source of information for the people in the settlement. The roles of Chief Diplomat, Chief Justice and Head of the settlement are all combined in one post. Daily task for the representative range from adjudicating disputes to communicating with group leaders and outside authorities, and generally watching over the running of all aspects of the settlement.

Group Leaders: The functioning or activities of every settlement are more or less similarly to each other. The settlement peoples elected their group leaders whose job is to act as an intermediary with relevant authorities, pass on information, settle disputes and collect money. Group leaders are not elected for their policy-making idea, nor do they campaign on certain issue. These group leaders are chosen on the basis of their strength of personality and once ability to stand before the interest of their village. The duty of the leader is more or less like the representative, but on smaller and more personal scale.

Traveling Mode

Bus and Taxi  Available
Nearest Airport 2 kilometer from settlement


Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Settlement
Dhud Kharka
P.O. Box No. 7,
Pokhara – NEPAL

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