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Retrieving the lost Buddha!

Dr. Tenzin Lektsok
Dr. Tenzin Lektsok (Amji) Kunphen Tibetan Medical

From Buddhist context it says, we sentient beings have an ability to use all our faculties and thus sense the suffering of others regardless of every aspect. Further it says we have intelligence in discriminating “what is right and wrong”. Apparently, there is no question to Human in particular in using their intelligence, when it comes to a difficult situation. Human have that cognition to determine the situation in a compatible way which in turn brings harmony within one’s society. For this particular reason Human is said to be a social animal, who has a brain to solve every problem. Buddhism for me is nothing but ” living a life in a good manner” the insight of emptiness and middle way thinking merely lies in the old texts rather than in our daily practice.

How can one differentiate if a person from his evil intend speaks of Bodhichitta proudly from his lips. How one can stand in front of a person who is well acquainted with his own benefit than that of others. Learning and speaking few things on emptiness and the middle way thinking doesn’t merely makes one a good disciple of Buddha. Remember, the first teaching Buddha gave was not on Emptiness, it was hard for low person like us to digest even the name it bears rather than its profound truth, the truth of nature.

Truth is the only thing which without deceiving other and without being deviated by the false appearance of nature gives strength in our mind to generate the so called universal responsibilities. It is this truth that all the religion came into existence, it is on this criteria the branches of numerous philosophies nurtured.

Again truth is nothing but “a deep belief on the law of every nature”, we usually don’t blame anyone when we get sick rather than ourselves it is because we are abiding under the rules of nature. If we abide under this very nature “The truth” then there will no guilty, no sense of remorse, no violence and no hatred. Living in truth is the only possible and the easiest way to meet Buddha in real and once again Buddha is nothing but “a pure mind of oneself”.

Modern Human lacks the understanding of the insights of Buddhism, they separate themselves from the practice it implemented and further indulges in memorizing the sutras just for the sake of winning from his opponent.

There is a vast difference between knowing and that of doing, knowing resides only in our mind which has of course a limited manifestation but doing uses every parts of our limbs and thus keep on making tendency to build further aspiration of doing.

The precious Human life shows it true color only when he or she from pure motivation abides or works for the elimination of sufferings. Also having self esteem, revering every people and always speaking of making this world more better and brighter culminate the very thoughts from a common mind.

Hence, in order to bring Buddha back into your and our life is only by cultivating the seed he showed from the beginning of humanity.

 Buddha being an enlightened one depicted the decomposition of every nature by following the very suchness of nature. May the air of truth floats around every day and May the humans practice the real Dharma which is ultimately nothing but the Truth for the sake of whole Universe.


By Tenzin Lektsok Doleck, Amji (Tibetan Doctor)