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Removing the obscuration, with the clear understanding of the world.


By Kalsang Dakpa: As a student, we had spent more than a decade in school, preparing ourselves for the uphill battle that awaits every individual growing man. However, during the course of time in our pursuit, we relentlessly make a conscious obligation to learn and to be trained in a certain way, so that we would be able to handle situation relating to our information and trained skills, but I wonder what could be our understanding of the world that reflects knowledge burrowed from books of institutions.

This juggling of superficial understanding is what that has made us so incompetent and dependant, I remember a quote that says “we see and we learn” “we learn and we understand” but the question here is! Do we really acknowledge how all the things that we have learnt works? To me there is a huge discrepancy between the things that we were taught and the things that we experienced and what reality presence!

As far as I am concern, my understanding or the knowledge of learning is not just associated with things that one can see and know from the books; furthermore it transcends the entire vicinity of these so called schools and institutions. We may have attained an empty degree or a sort of rewards for our hard works in schools, but in solitude if you have listened then you would hear the disturbed voice of unknown that fluctuates like a ripple of wave in the ambient of our mind. Here I often find myself alone and the credibility of that unknown conception lies within the frameworks of our conditioning.

This is not to be mistaken for genuine knowledge; we by years of conditioning may have acquired skills and could be well acquainted with its execution. But the question still remains and it is up to us that how far do we think that we should go to sacrifice understanding pertaining to the creation of perfect knowledge, that will lay a foundation of harmonious society or do we draw a demarcation of this, saying that its enough now!….

I am too concern about the delusive knowledge that weakens the ethical sense, and such vision created by false knowledge in the long run could prove highly disastrous to the humanity at large. We must comply with the call of the urgent need of better tomorrow because we can’t guarantee what the picture of humanity might look like in future. There is a silent plea of tomorrow that urge us to take an accountable measures to bring about reliable solution that would substantially proliferate better living standard for future and after that, this should also bring noticeable transformation in the level of our future understanding, finally with such a profound ethical implication it would be stupid enough not to commit a strong and lasting motivated action.