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Left BRP- Losang Khetsun, Nyima Wangmo, Rhicho Dolma & D-T: Tashi Tsering

Nyima Wangmo was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia, Blood Cancer. She was  7 years old Tibetan girl suffered from blood cancer at her young age.

Bodrigpunda Association along with Drokpo Team were able to collect fund(more than $6000) for her 2-3 years of treatment period. Nyima Wangmo’s chemotherapy treatment period is over and she got the certificate from the hospital stating that she has now recovered from Blood Cancer! We would like to thank all the people who really worked hard and supported her over the last two years. She will now go back to Pokhara and will join her previous school. Its her sheer her strength, her mother’s care and prayers from everyone of you that made her come out of cancer. She has arisen as an example that cancer can cured if we gave them enough love, care and support! Thank you everyone and always keep helping others.

The story of Nyima Wangmo is a story of success, and the amount of support she received was incredible and genuine. From the start, she has been loved by so many well-wishers who saw her plight and suffering. Thanks to the Kopan monks, who were always there for her when she was in need of blood. We, thank them from the bottom of our hearts and also all the Tibetan and other sponsors, well-wishers from around the world, who have been there for her through this hard times and now, we are very glad to inform you that she has made a full recovery. Her mother, Richoe Dolma has struggled for her everyday with her child and she is delighted to see her get a new life and lead a happy and normal life.

nyima wangmo(1)

Certificate from the hospital stating that she has recovered from the disease. Here Big C means Cancer. We appreciate her courage and bravery in fighting with it!

We would like to thank our kind donors, members and well wishers for their tireless effort in making this possible. Thank you.

Total Donation Received: 672810/-
Total Medical Expenses: 380575
Total House Rent: 108000
Total Food exp: 147500
Total Miscellaneous expenses and blood donated expenses : 26735
Rs. 10,000 amount handed to Mrs. Rhicho Dolma
Total Expenses Report:672810/-
Thank you and Tashi Delek for all of you

Nyima Wangmo a story of success, and the amount of support she received was incredible and genuine. From the start, she has been loved by so many well-wishers who saw her plight and suffering.

Thank you on behalf of Nyima Wangmo family to all the kind donors and supporters!

All the great things that were ever accomplished in this world started from a great thought, that later becomes a monumental force, which drives us towards an action with an incredible accuracy and magnitude. A story of Nyima Wangmo is one such instance, where a whole bunch of dedicated people worked in uniformity for one common goal, hence as a result, today we have achieved something phenomenal that was highly unlikely in the beginning.Bodrigpunda Association and Drokpo Team, on behalf of Nyima Wangmo’s family express our earnest gratitude for everything that you people have done so far in stabilizing the condition of a cancer manifested child.

You people have bestowed not just a financial help but also accumulated enough positive energies in the form of your prayers as an additional supplement to this young girl establishing affectionate concern. A heart of compassion is indispensable, your involvement in this unfortunate event truly signifies your compassionate heart, and the financial assistance that we received is the only reason, why this young girl has started to smile back.Your assuring support came like a radiant to dispel the darkness of uncertainty. Furthermore, it brought a new opportunity to redeem the disappearing hope that relinquished the determination of Nyima wangmo’s family including our organization. Each one of us has done something so special that would surely bring us some sort of mental stability when we face a dire situation like this. In front of your support, cancer seemed very weak and helpless, therefore she has progressed at a rate that amazes even the highly specialize doctors.So far with your donations, we have now collected enough money that will cover her medication bills for two years and more, therefore we are now stopping our online donation campaign for a time being, so as to readdress the issue of money, and we would have to restart this campaign once again if her health deteriorates.

We wish to proceed into the future of tomorrow by stepping along the foot step of your dedication and determination and help yet another baffled people suppress by sufferings. However, what we have done and accomplished today is the real meaning of dharma and also the real meaning of compassion and without developing a compassionate heart, realization and the spiritual growth in Dharma is impossible. This story of Nyima Wangmo truly reflects the human potential of working as a unison including mutual cooperation and understanding of human pain. We are in fact deeply touched by your infectious concern that re lifts the fighting spirit of this young girl, who is now regaining her health and starting to get back to her normal routine. One small step that we initiated brought something so amazing that rejuvenated the life and health of this family. We therefore extend our heartiest thanks to the entire supporter and all the donors for their unconditional help.

S.No Donor Name S.No Donor Name S.NO Donor Name
01 Geshe Lhundup Rigsel 02 Geshe Thubten Sherab 03 Juliana Deborah Zweifel
04 Shedra Students 05 Ani Jangsem-Kopan 06 Amji Deckyi-Nepal
07 Fulami Sherpani(Nepal) 08 Tibet Furniture- Boudha Gate(Nepal) 09 Srongtsen school Staffl(Nepal)
10 Tashi Tsering (Rajan) (USA) 11 Tsering Choedon(USA) 12 Mikelock and Tashi Shakya (LT Fashion, Nepal)
13 Pema Choezom 14 Tashi Wangmo 15 Tsetan Dolma
16 Tsetan Dolma 17 Jampa Dolker 18 Pradip Rai
19 Tsering Dikyi 20 Karma Dawa Dolma 21 Tenzin Tseyangi
22 Frau (Swiss) 23 Tsultrim Gyatso- Pokharaa 24 Young Tibetan from Canada
25 Tashi Topgyal(Nepal) 26 Tashi Gurung (Nepal) 27 Tenzin Jamyang(USA)
28 Lobsang Namgyal Rinpoche(Nepal) 29 Shangrila Carpet, Jorpati(Nepal) 30 Tenzin Samphel, Jawalakhel(Nepal)
31 Choekyi Wangmo(USA) 32 Jampa Dolker (USA) 33 Tsering Dhoenkyi (USA)
34 Dorjee Gyaltsen 35 Karma Tsering 36 Tsetan Geleg
37 Nyima Choezom and Pemba 38 Pemba Lhamo La 39 Yangchen Dolma and Tsering Palzom la
40 Ata Dawa La 41 Acha Rinzin 42 Dr. G Ragi (USA)
43 Sangye Dolma 44 Tsamcho Dolma 45 Tenzin Pema La(USA)
46 Lobsang La 47 Chemi Tsering La 48 Thaye La
49 Tenzin Topgyal (France) Sonam Gyatso (USA) 51 Cate (Australia)
52 Bettina (Switzerland) 53 Anka N Wim (Netherland) 54 Ute (Germany)
56 Kopan Library 57 Kopan Nunnery 58 Karma Tsewang Gyurme

Following friends have contributed through Dawa Dakpa and Tashi Lhamo (Belgium)

S.No Donor Name S.No Donor Name S.NO Donor Name
01 Lhakpa and Yangdi 02 Tamu Ek Jung 03 Tenzin Yeshe
04 Lobsang Tsetan 05 Dawa Yeshi 06 Khusi Gurung
07 Namtent 08 Somi Gurung 09 Kalpana Gurung
10 Rita Gurung 11 Bali Gurung 12 Jibanta Gurung
13 Dhana and Surbe family 14 Bina, Raju Banta and Harnelean Del 15 Van Passel and Family
16 Omer 17 Wangdhi Lama, Sharma, Krishna Subedi 18 Mira Gurung, Nanda Ghale, Sanu Gurung
19 Dibsun Ghale and Karna Suba 20 Asha Didi, Tenzin Jangchub, Ngawang Seldon 21 Palden, Tenzin Choekyi, Tsetan Dorje
22 Lobsang Tsering, Asha Sharma, Suma Chetri 23 Laxmi Kunwar, Pema Ladak, Tenzin Lungden 24 Tsering Dhondup, Lhakpa Bhuti, Tsering Dolma
25 Ram Hari, shree Prasad Sapkota 26 Yangchen 27 Tashi Lhamo and Dawa Dakpa

Following friends have contributed through Tenzin Banari (USA)

S.No Donor Name S.No Donor Name S.NO Donor Name
01 Sonam Dojee, Dorjee Gyalpo
02 Dorjee Tsegyal,    Ngawang Phuntsok 03 Thubten Tsamchoe,Tsamchoe, Tsering Yangzom
04 Tenzin Yutos, Dhechen Lhamo, Tenzin Choenyi 05 Thubten Lektsok, Jenny, Leo, Tenzin Tenpa, Tenzin 06 Thubten Tsamchoe,Tsering Yangzom
07 Tenzin Chokden, Pemba Sherab, Ngodup Tsering
08 Londen Dolma, Mya Vuthikrai, Lhundup Gyatso 09 Tenzin Dhondup, Ngawang Dhakpa, Namgyal Rangpar
10 Paljor Dorjee, Tenzin Namdol, Tenzin Tsewang
11 Rinzin Gyalmo ,Gyalpo MN, Yangchen Lhamo St loius park 12 Tenzin Thinley, Tenzin Woeze, Tenzin Chomphel
13 Tenzin Zeygye, Tenzin Dahoe, Serpolamatsang Family 14 Yeshi Nangchen, Yangkyi la, Tashi Topgyal. 15 Sonam Dechen, Tenzin Chokey, Kelsang Tsepel
16 Tenzin Namlha, Tsering Yangzom Banari, Tenzin Wangchuk 17 Tsewang Gyalmo, Jhangchup Dorjee, Bhuti (Madison) 18 Kunga, Tashi Zopa, Tenzin Chodon TCV
19 Tenzin Tsondue, justin Perreault, Event Door money 20 ay Area Poker Buddies, Tenzin Dhala 21 Charles Yang, Chris Luoto, Tenzin Khedup
22 Chemi Dolkar Banari, Chemi Family, Kusang Chuney 23 Tashi Chonzom,HCMC Collection, Tenzin Lhamo
24 Tenzin Dickey Banari, Tenzin Lhamo Banari

Following friends have contributed through Youngtibet.com

S.No Donor Name S.No Donor Name S.NO Donor Name
01 Tenzin Choekey Ginguld (Dharamsala), Sorarya Ramsay (New York) 02 Choney Wangmo (Minnesota), Phuntsok Dolma (New York) 03 Tenzin Dhonthg (New York), Robyn Brentano (New York)
04 Rex Niswander, Cos Cob, (CT), Tsering Ngamdung (Middletown, RI.) 05 Tsewang Dorjee, Elmhurst (NY), Tenzin Kelsang (Ex Tipa NY) 06 Mary Kate Oreovicz (Brooklyn, NY) Ngachoe la and Dolma (Washington DC)
07 Tenzin Nonzom Khartenbaro (Elmhurst NY)Tibetan Volunteers