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Nyima Wangmo During Treatment detail Report

Nyima Wangmo, 7 years old Tibetan girl has been diagnosed as Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia. Due to the family’s poor financial status, they cannot afford the cost of her treatment which is NRS 5, 00,000/- and her treatment will last for 2 years and 3 months. Bodrigpunda Association and Drokpo Team has now raised the fund needed for her treatment and tracking her progress. According to doctors, she is responding very well to the chemotherapy treatment. Nyima Wangmo is getting her treatment in Kanti Children’s Hospital and staying at near Namgyal Middle School, Swoyambhu.



October 2012: Nyima Wangmo’s chemotherapy treatment period is over and she got the certificate from the hospital stating that she has now recovered from Blood Cancer! We would like to thank all the people who really worked hard and supported her over the last two years. She will now go back to Pokhara and will join her previous school. Its her sheer her strength, her mother’s care and prayers from everyone of you that made her come out of cancer. She has arisen as an example that cancer can cured if we gave them enough love, care and support! Thank you everyone and always keep helping others!

May to June 2012: Nyima Wangmo’s treatment period is about to finish with only 2 months left. But she is suffering from cold and fever at the moment, I think it s because of changing weather. Doctors doing special treatment at this final stage.

March 2012 to April 2012: Nyima Wangmo’s repport shows that she has improved her health by the doctors. Even though she has lost some portion of her hair, she is doing very well. Now her treatment is left only for two months, and then she can go back home. We would like convvey our heartiest thankful to all the well wishers and supporters of Nyima Wangmo. Lets us pray together with our folded hands for the speedy recovery of Nyima Wangmo. May our small contribution bring an extensive happiness to her.

15 December 2011 to 30 Feb 2012: Nyima Wangmo has been improving her diagnosis better than other and she is still doing well. sometime she had high fever. December she had birthday party with her school friends. this january she had suddenly fever come and gone, much improve we thought, she grow up very fast and she is very lucky among others. Because she had well wishers and her best mom with her.

20 September to 12th October 2011: Recently three monks from kopan monastery went to donate blood to Nyima Wangmo, who we know is still battling cancer cells in her blood. The doctors told that her WBC count is low and she needs a fresh blood donation. She is getting better but cancer is a serious disease which needs blood on a regular basis. She secured first position in her class and she is loved and regarded by every teacher of that school.

22nd July to August 2011 Nyima Wangmo’s health improvement and her Exam Report : Nyima Wangmo has been going to school at the near by vicinity for a month and stood second position in her recent exam with the percentage of 77. Her condition has improved much more than before. Even Doctor was surprised to see the improving condition of her health as well as the weight she is gaining day by day. Although she has attended class one very few, her enthusiasm in studies have taken her to this position. Regardless of the strong medication she is having for a year, her intelligence and hard work made her even stronger to defense against that. It was because of the support you all are rendering to this child; she can not only live against her condition but also like other can go to school and stand tall by getting position. Bodrigpunda team and Drokpo team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the sponsors, supporters and well wishers who have been there from the time we took this great step to help her at any cost. Furthermore, we will pray for the sound health of entire sentient beings.

June 20th to July 17th 2011: She is, at the moment going to school just near her place. She reads in grade one in creative Model Boarding School situated in Lazimpat. The above picture says it all how she is feeling with her new school uniform, going to school just like any other children. We would like to sincere thanks all our kind donors, supporters, well wishers, members for bringing Nyima Wangmo at this stage, for making this happen. Her every smile gives us immense pleasure and we would like to share the smile with everyone. Even though her health is progressing she still need to go to hospital for regular check-up as she is still not fully recovered. Nevertheless we do believe that she can beat cancer. Lets support her and tell her that she is not alone in this battle. It is true that together we can beat cancer and we can do it.

February 20th-15th May 2011 : The story of nyima wangmo is still very close to our heart and we still continue to closely monitor her recovery process, she had some problems with medication and the shortage of white blood cell but as a answer to such problems, she always continue to inspire us by demonstrating her dogged determination of pure survival instinct. We keep communicating with her family and with her doctors about all the necessary things that will need in advance so that by the time when something is needed, we are more than a ready for that. However, like every cancer patient she at times had some complaints of losing hair and some physical discomfort, but overall her basic health has shown a great improvement and we are very positive about her complete recovery soon.

What this young child did is something that we should always remember; this girl at such a tender age is now on the verge of deceiving death, which we think is a great lesson to learn. The stake of living is far too important and precious that we always defy submitting ourselves to death. Nyima wangmo therefore is a living example of human courage and human strength to fight and to be determined to survive. But one must not forget the sacrifice of the mother of this young girl, she painstakingly worked herself out and stood firmly in front of death and got her child back, she was truly an amazing mom and she did almost everything that was in her hand to make sure that her child survives. We also feel very grateful to this strong woman for her dedication and for her relentless commitment of withdrawing her daughter’s fate of suffering and renewing it with happiness and fulfillment.

January 16th – 23rd 2011: Fresh blood has been transferred into her body and also her blood report has come which was, in fact, very positive and her ANC has increased and also number of platelets in a positive way.Today she was discharged from the hospital and now she is in her home enjoying with her elder sister who came from Pokhara to see her in her winter holiday. Up to now, every report has been positive and we do believe she’ll get well very soon. We are trying our level best from every corner and unturned every stone to save her. We need your prayers… Keep praying for Nyima. Thank you.

Janauary 5th-15th 2011: Nyima is still under treatment and this month it was very difficult for her as she’s getting high dose of medicines because of which she had to go through blood transfusion as her ANC was very low and also platelets. We went to see the doctor and talked regarding her low Hemoglobin and and platelets. He let us know that because of high dose of medicines such as 6rg, Cyterbin etc which reduces her blood ANC that is why needs blood to come again in normal. The process will go on for few months then gradually, her dose of medicine will be minimized. Till that time, she has to bear those high dose medicines.

December 30th 2010: with all your prayers and love, nyima’s health is improving n her jaundice has been cured. On 5th dec, we are going to celebrate her birthday in her room. she is very excited about it.

November 17th 2010: Very recently, Nyima Wangmo suffered from Jaundice and now we have admitted her to the hospital in case of emergency. Her chemo medicines have been stopped for the time being to give Jaundice medicine. Admitting hospital was a precaution that we don’t want to take a chance. Doctors told us that she can now join the school too. Her Jaundice is in early stage so she’ll be okay. We did meet her mother and talked about her schooling and we’ll let her to go to school on next school session. Thank you for your concern and will let know what’s happening!! God bless !

October 13th 2010: With your prayers and financial assistance, Nyima Wangmo is improving and getting stronger day by day. Last Saturday, we took her to the fun park by surprise and she really enjoyed the moment. Taking this opportunity, I would like to let you know that her last time lymphoblast decrease from 85% to 2% which is in fact very well improved. Even doctor was bit surprise to see such improvement within this short span of time. I am pretty sure that all your prayers are working apart from medicine. Please watch our Nyima Wangmo at fun park video where we showed some of her best moments. I hope that you’ll enjoy the video as Nyima Wangmo did at the fun park. All your prayers are needed and thank you once again for bringing her smile back in her life.

September 5th 2010: We would like to thank everyone for their great support on behalf of Nyima Wangmo. We were able to collect the fund needed for her treatment. For the time being we have stopped our donation process and would let all of you know in case if something happen but will keep on updating you about her progress. Thank you very… much all our donors, supporters, members and well wishers !

August 15th 2010: Thank you to all of you for your kind concern and willingnes to help. Here I have attached pictures of Nyima Mangmo’s bone marrow report, her medical report and also the amount that we provided her as per her one month medical bills. We would like to thank all of you as it was all because of you that we were able to provide the given amount. Her bone marrow report was very positive and now she needs to have one more bone marrow test. She is having remission induction treatment as first stage of treatment so as not to spread cancer cells. After that the doctors will look at her reports and will do the treatment according to it. At the moment, she don’t need to go through intense treatment. Lets hope that her reports will come out good and she will get well soon

August 5th 2010: Nyima Wangmo’s treatment is going on and improving as well. It has been 13 days since doctors started doing chemotherapy…still long way to go. She smiled today after long time. I hope that the smile will never be apart from her innocent face. Upto now, we had contact several organizations and trying to update her health progress.