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I and the feeling of ‘I’ is what this being is, and this is what existence is all about. The very notion of being is what makes us feel that there is something in each one of us that reflects all that we have experienced not just in our present lives but also about the countless other lives. Every religion and every philosophy in this world speaks about the self that migrates from one life to another carrying the essence of its beginning.

indexHowever, if you trace the origin of this ‘I’, you will end up at nowhere, since the very concept of I that transmigrate is without the boundary of time, it is without a beginning. Therefore in this respect, the very meaning of origination (starting point) seems to lose all its significance, because the subtlety of any moment of present time is inexplicable, although it seems like a straight line for the dwellers and during the death it once again ends up being a circle thus annihilating the concept of starting point.

 Moreover in order to understand anything regardless of its existence, a cognitive phenomenon like mind is indispensable, analysis of mind with introspection and meditation will accustomed one with mind that perpetuate on the ripples of thoughts, with its causes of earlier continuum. When we talk about a cause of something then there should be an effect, however here we must understand the causal phenomena, without which the establishment of effect is inexplicable.

As we can see that there are some forces that governs the nature and natural phenomena and among those forces, we have always maintained a fact of causality, which means that when cause of something is met with all the required conditions then there is no stopping fro that from producing effects, it is one magical concept that challenged the idea of creator. Being an intellectual being, we need to look at things with the perspective of its prevalence in the phenomena that we observe in our nature, so in that regard, with our logic, we can with our inference make a rather genuine assumption about how things exist.

MIRROR IN MEFundamentally, we need two things, an observer and an object to be observed; therefore things can not be explained independently, because the very notion of observer without the object to be observed is completely against the logic of cause and effect.  And depending on various causes that induced a mental imprint. Moreover, mind is the potential that illuminates the cognitive domain of our being and that with the help of sensory perception enable us to see and later understand anything.

Everything that reaches the mental domain through sensory departments creates a memory of it, which acts like a bank that stores anything that carries an intensity of registration, like our experience and knowledge. This will later be used for indentification and understanding things by comparing it with the stored knowledge.

By Chemi Samdup, Bodrigpunda