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Magazine Published in 2012: Free Distribution


On the very auspicious occasion of noble peace prize ceremony, Free distributed 1000 copies of fourth  edition of our annual magazine.

Mainly with the objective of creating awareness among the younger generation about the growing influence of such drugs and alcohols, Education and Generation Gap, Some of the articles featured in the magazine were written with the motive of imparting moral understanding about what is right and what is wrong according to our religion.


1. On the meaning of Om Mane Padme Hung
2. His Holiness’s keynote address at the Buddhist conference in Dehli
3. The Role of Education in the 21st Century
4. Nyima Wangmo’s Story of success
5. The reason behind self immolations in Tibet
6. How can Travelling be beneficial?
7. Make your relationship stronger with these communication tools.
8. Stop child labour right now, starting from you.
9. Child’s socialization in Family
11.Master be good to their dogs.. They are special
12. Tibet battles women Trafficking
13. Youngsters Crazy for Fashion
14. Essence of Sporting Events
15. Drug Addiction
16. Students and Social Service
17. Importance of Family
18. “F” Fashion
19. Time waits for none, Act before you Regret