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Magazine Published in 2010: Free Distribution


2nd Edition Magazine Published on 2010, 1000 pcs Free Distributed

154315_181385618544022_3435426_nOn the very auspicious occasion of noble peace prize ceremony, Bodrigpunda Association distributed 1500 copies of second  edition of our annual magazine. We spend more than a month collecting articles on internet and we wrote some articles on issues such as education, environment and drugs abuse etc. Mainly with the objective of creating awareness among the younger generation about the growing influence of such drugs and alcohols. Some of the articles featured in the magazine were written with the motive of imparting moral understanding about what is right and what is wrong according to our religion.

1. Buddhism and Democracy
2. A Story that sheds the skin of innocent and indifferent attitude of Chinese towards Tibetan.
3. Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom.
4. The present Educational Systems.
5. Freedom of Tongue.
6. Important of Education.
7. The Inconvenient Truth.
8. Taking Responsibility.
9. The Natural World.
10. The Kalon Tripa Who?
11. Wangdu Phuntsok Gonsar – A Champion of Tibetan Children’s Education in Exile
12. Retrieving the Lost Buddha!
13. Tibetan in Nepal and the three political Rhetorics
14. Removing the obscuration.
15. Nothing Last forever.
16. Mirror in Me.
17. World of Fabrication.
18. Thank you on behalf of Nyima Wangmo family
19. How to beat drug addiction.
20. Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilation Centre.
21. Environment Degradation in the Roof of the World.
22. My Experience in Solukhumbu.
23. Life is the Great Puzzle.
24. I am just Simple monk.
25. True Happiness.
26. The third pole: Tibetan plateau’s disapearing Glaciers could disaster Asia

Magazine contribution from Mr. Thubten Topjor, he is our executive member.

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