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Life without love


Life is like a canvas on a sheet or universal fabric and love is the force that gives light and color to this canvas. As a painter, we try our level best to paint our canvas with an absolute precision, preparing ourselves, getting rained and acquiring, all the required knowledge in schools and colleges. But at the end all our institutional burrowed knowledge yield nothing but a vague canvas, which lacks expression of human feeling, the touch of spice of life and the bless of most amazing feeling (love).

The reason is, our approach to life has been so in a manner that always seems to have hidden condition, when we love we lay certain conditions, when we hate there are certain conditions and we do almost everything with some sort of condition. We are not falling in love but rather we are learning how to fall in love. This is ironically a mechanism of conditioned life, acting like a moron and learning something that is always there in our instinct is much of ridicule then a knowledgeable business. We give so much of emphasis on knowledge, life, career and money that now whatever we do we do it with the a calculation undermining everything that we are. That is the reason why we are so incompetent in realizing the true feeling of love, so indifferent to his life of love.

Actually, we are not scared of love, we are scared of not being loved, people hate love not because they have truly realized the love, and how can one hate love? Love is like an ocean of purity where hate and anger dissolves and in this land of purity nothing is blemish, everything is life, everything is color, everything is holy and everything is growth from inside and outside. If a person is in love, he is connected to everything that life is, if a person is in love, he spread message of happiness to everyone. It is the love that binds everything together, it is the love that blooms flowers, it is the love that dispel darkness and it is the love that blooms flowers, it is the love that binds everything together.

It is the love that blooms flowers, it is the love that dispel darkness and it is the love that brings new life. Love is unsurpassable in any terms and there is no way that love betrays, love is always pure, trust, true and reliable, it is not love that hurts, it is our own ego, it is our own doubt , it is our own inability. Love has always showered love, not hatred… understand the real love, it is a feeling, it s a loving, it is a continuous… stand the real love, it is a feeling, it is a loving, it is a continuous it is a falling, it is flying and it is all the verb in continuous form….. See the love that some people has, which is not superficial and fake and above all it is everything that you think it’s not.

When love is felt, you have tested the nectar of life, it will intoxicate you with an eruption of joy and delight, there is nothing to speak about, and everything is just a feeling, a moment of being in sublime state of joy. A moment of forgetting and a moment of forgiving, it is a smile that keeps widening with every ripple of fluctuating emotions: it is the laughter that echoes mountain to mountain sharing joy and happiness. It is a dream of all possibilities and it is the union of universe and an atom, you can’t say which is which, both are equally powerful and equally significant. Love is a like ocean of purity that purifies all the negativity of our being, if this is what i think love is. Then i know that there no reason to think twice about being in love, one automatically and consciously submits all his will the name of this powerful feeling.

Love is not something to compare, it is neither an entity nor a commodity, it is just a core of our basic essence. Which is why we can’t keep ourselves away from it for much longer time. I do certainly fee it from my deepest sense and i know that if my feelings are genuine then there stands no one in front of me from getting my love. “Seek and shall be given” is what Jesus said, so i will keep seeking until i get what i think i deserve….

By.. Kal.. Doleck