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Helping for Sonam Palmo and her sibling’s monthly financial support


I am Sonam Palmo, a student of class ten at Songtsen  School. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Namely, Kelsang Choedon reading in class 7 in Manjugoksha School, Dhondup Tsewang studying in class 6 in Manjugoksha School, Tsering Yangzom studying in class 4 (Pokhara S.O.S) and Pema Tenzin, the youngest one is in an orphanage school.

Our mother left us a year after father’s death, she is an alcoholic and I was only fifteen when she left us. Sometimes, during holidays, we are left with no food at home. My younger sister’s school principle knew about our destitute condition and she helped us for about three years, (as one of the students had already left the school but his sponsor had sent his schooling fee for one year and she kindly gave that money for our daily necessities) but now all that money got finished. Being the eldest, I realized my responsibility towards my brothers and sisters, but am helpless without your support.

Have a sponsor for my schooling study but he said that he won’t be able to continue after I finish my grade ten. However, I want to continue my study and I wish my siblings to continue their study too. Our mother left us when we need her the most. I am always worried about the future of my younger ones. So, I am here with humble request to you to please help us. I will study hard and will show good example to my younger ones.
We appreciate your support.
Yours faithfully
Sonam Palmo

Bodrig Punda’s members were supporting them financially since November 2010. Each member makes contribution of NRS. 300/ monthly. Currently there were 15 members who had participated in this Nobel deeds. This will partially help them, but then, just Rs. 3,000/ is far from being sufficient to meet their monthly expenses. Since, she had a strong wish to continue for further study after grade ten and wishes the same for her siblings. Therefore, they are in urgent need of your kind support.

Therefore, we sincerely appeal for your kind and generous support. Your little generous support will make a great difference to these children’s life. If anyone would like to help them please contact us or you can help directly by visiting them. We would very much appreciate your kind support given to these children, who are in great need.

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