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‘F’ for Fashion

A Fashion show was held at Tibetan Institute of Performance Arts (TIPA)

Every person nurtures an innate desire of looking good and feels ‘accepted’ in the socio-economic circle. The word fashion brings to mind a flash of color with a dash of glamour. And in this 21st century, Fashion plays a huge role in every individual’s life.

Fashion is considered as a means of self-expression. The garments and accessories that man or women wear help them to identify with a group of others-whether it is a lifestyle, profession, a religion, or an attitude.  Fashion is widely accepted by both men and women and it is a known fact that the rich and the famous, and the political figures and royalty and celebrities have always moved the seasonal trends of fashion. The advertising media also contributes equally to update us about the daily style checks.

Out of all these celebrities plays a huge role. A normal individual is hugely inspired and affected and influenced by the celebrities clothing styles and likes to match up with them….Moreover Girls especially are taking to fashion in a big way, and are experimenting with different looks, styles, and textures. From hairstyles to makeups, bags sandals…Girls are obsessed with fashion. They love to look good not just for others but for themselves and for self satisfaction.

Talking about Nepal itself….The country has grown a lot in terms of Fashion. Within these couple of years Fashion in Nepal has out busted in a such a way that we can almost see Fashion walking everywhere…Should i say it’s the country’s development or the peoples huge crave to look good that even a commoner looks pretty well dressed up.

Fashion style is something that comes naturally to certain people and they stand out from the crowd while others develop their style from experience, knowledge and grooming and in today’s date mostly by imitating.

Now digging into the pros and cons of fashion, it is always good to look good but it is equally important to be well presented as there are many people who just get dragged into being fashionable that they don’t see what is just beyond the limit.

So the good points are:
1.    The confidence level develops in an     individual with his personal unique Style and fashionable dressing.
2.    People dressed stylishly and trendily rasp more positive ttention of people around them.
3.    Dressing up according to your age and personality puts up a good impression on other people as well as increases your respect in their opinion.

And on the contrary the bad points are
1.   A sense of jealousy is built among women regarding their outfits which usually lead to bullying each other.
2.   Homeless people are given less attention due to their sense of dressing up which keeps them away from a lot of opportunities.
3.   There are people who don’t have enough money to buy what they desire but still try to purchase which is beyond their reach as such causing harm to  themselves by borrowing money and spending unnecessarily on being Fashionable
4.   Putting on shorts which is not presentable and dyeing their hair in     the dirtiest yellow

So basically there are many people in this world who would do just about anything to make themselves stylish or develop their unique style but the cliché here is that style is not just having good fashion sense there is much more to it . Fashion means being presentable and being comfortable in what you wear. So be fashionable in a better way…And take the goodness from being fashionable….

Create your own fashion … … … … … …
Stop imitating, Start Creating.

-Tenzin Namdol