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Enough is Enough


Just like a baby who doesn’t get its milk unless it cries, a voice is never heard unless someone dies. For almost 55 years from now Tibet and its people have been suffering and struggling for their rights. It is sad that even the world is being ignorant and blind regarding and Tibet and its issue. His Holiness the Dalai Lama the reason for many Tibetans to still be alive believes in Non-Violence and we also believe that committing suicide is a sin… But since the world is not reacting to any of the brutality and inhuman behavior of China and its government, we are ultimately left with no other option….. Our patience is continuously being tested and this is absolutely not fair as everything has its limits..


Self immolation had taken place and is still going on, the main reason and cause behind this is the bloody politics and games played by the Chinese government. Getting oneself into a burning fire is not at all a matter of joke. This act needs a lot of courage and determination. If we put a question as to why this is happening?? then the only answer would be that the lives of the people living in Tibet are still suffocating… they are suffocated by the dictatorial rules and regulations of the Chinese government. Right to expression and freedom of religion is something which is implied to all the nations despite of different nationality, then why not Tibetans? China has still been imposing dictatorial behavior on Tibetans.

The people there are not allowed to keep the picture of the Dalai Lama nor are they allowed to hold the flag. Moreover their rule is also being imposed even to the Tibetans living in Nepal who have been forced to leave their country and are seeking refuge. They are imposing demands to the Nepalese government to not allow Tibetans to follow and carry out any normal function and ceremonies by spotting their drawback and influencing them with funds and financial support. Well, this is totally against humanity for China to be depriving us of our right ever since it conquered Tibet.

This dictatorial nonsense cannot be tolerated and its a high time for the Tibetans to be allowed to breathe…. The world should not remain silent and blind. Tibet and its problem cannot be ignored. We have fought and will still continue with our fights until our voice is heard. The precious lives of those daring people will not go in vain. What should keep us moving is the history that shows us where dictatorial people like Saddam, Osama and Gadhafi are no more alive which is an evident to us that forced rule is not tolerated by the people on this earth…. so let us all have our faiths intact, Tibet will have its sunrise………….. and lastly, China has not right to put any kind of dark spot on our God whatsoever…….. We shall not tolerate anything against the His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama. So, all the Tibetans let us take this asa call!!! LET US ALL STAY UNITED no matter what……….. AZA AZA Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!! Tibet is not part of China and China is not Tibet and will never be……… let us scream out loud ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!! STOP brutality !!!!!!!! FREE TIBET and SAVE TIBET……………… Always proud to be a Tibetan…

May peace prevail on the Earth

by Namdol……..!!!!