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Enjoying life intelligently


One of the most blissful experiences that life offers is sex. Therefore, naturally all the living things are driven by this force to produce and in the process evolve into a structure that best suits the prevailing condition presented by nature and its environment. If we look at the purpose of life from a biological perspective, then reproduction seems to be the core of it, every living being whether it is just a tiny creature living for day or two, or a human being is designed in such a way that it reproduces, for that we have this urge which we call desire to seek a mating partner and indulge in sexual activities. This very reason is used by humans in practicing sexual activities carelessly, hence resulting in endemic called AIDS.


This article aims to remind people about the hidden danger that often comes along with pleasurable experiences, Life is so very important not to waste it for a moments pleasure and a life long sorrow. The most awakening and the most powerful law of nature is “The contradiction theory” According to this theory, Pleasure is complimentary to Pain, and Happiness is complimentary to suffering. Like wise, with pleasurable experiences we tend to lose our intellectual capacity to discern the long term and short term benefits of particular subjective experience, hence we commit mistakes which are ultimately regrettable. There are many Tibetan brothers and sisters who in the prime of their youth feel confident of their body and they start experiencing sex without proper knowledge about it, and also there are few of those who have deviated from their path and are associated with activities that are considered as stigma by our society.

The reason behind writing this article is not to judge or expose what has been happening. However, being a Tibetan, it is our responsibility to create awareness about the consequences of indulging in such programs. Youngster these days matures quickly physically, but their mental state and their understanding remains comparatively as it was, so in the heat of such hormonal activity in their body, it is sometimes difficult for them to have their decorum in terms of sex and sexual activities. Some gets caught in wrong influence and others are compelled by situations, no matter what were the reasons it signifies our failure. Therefore we feel that we must bring those who we think are involved in prostitution, drug and alcohol into our society rather than showing them our backs, we must seek for counseling and proper guidance for those people, who have lost their way for sometimes.

Young Tibetans, living in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Katmandu etc, due to the pressure of competitive corporate market, are now looking for easy way to make money. Some on the other hand due to heavy pay check are looking for fun with drugs and girls. The numbers of prostitutes and drug addicts have been on an increase since the last 10 years and the number of AIDS in Tibetan community is also on a rise. If we try to look at this issue with a holistic point of view then we will realize that we have failed to instill our cultural value, the value that exist from religion that we have, the understanding of morals and ethics from Buddhism view point.

There are many sad stories about such cases, where some, in their youth, unaware of its consequences commits a mistake that last for life time. The question here is not about sex, it’s about how well are you prepared for sex and how well are you willing to deal with what comes along with it. If you not mentally prepared about the above question then we must restrain ourselves from committing such actions. Imagine a sex worker, his or her life, the social prejudice that they will face, most importantly think about what would be the mental state of their children when they know that their parents are involved in such act.

It would be heart shattering for those children and as a parent what kind of impression would they be projecting on to their children. We know that prostitution is not a business that one does willingly, but whatever the situation is, there should be some ways to deal with it. We the Tibetans are so fortunate that we get most of the things free, if the situation demands someone for stepping into the prostitution then what is the use of all the sponsoring association that we have for Tibetans. We won’t say that we can understand what goes in the mind of those girls who are into prostitution but we do know that whatever is the reason, this way of life is difficult and dangerous.

Surprisingly, there are few of those who are into this business willingly, supposedly they may be neurotic or they are blinded by greed. In this world of fashion and money, every girl dreams about looking good and every girl dears about being loved by a handsome guy. But there is a catch, to look good, you need to spend money on clothes and beauty products, if you are rich than you inherit your parents money, however if you are not rich then what would be the option. With beautiful sexy clothes, with tons of make up, they ventures into the night like a nocturnal animals, trying to pose the most captivating impression, loosing self in the gilts and glamour, grabbing shots of tequila and dancing like a moron in the arms of strangers.

This is not what life is for, this is not how our bodies are designed, when the urge of body become uncontrollable to mind, then we become blind, this urge will push you towards something that makes us feel pathetic later. Life is like a fresh river until it remains within the limits, but when it starts wavering then life becomes hell and miserable. We are not against enjoyment, we are just being little concern about the way some of our own people enjoy, to which later not only they but many people around them suffers. Live your life intelligently, if you can not give happiness at least does not give suffering.

Team Bodrigpunda