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Birthday Cup, Basketball Tournament 2011


259880_246773682005215_7432292_nBodrigpunda Association in the month of July during the birthday of H.H the Dalai Lama, we had organized a basketball tournament that featured 8 teams from all over Katmandu valley, for that we have collected a donation from some of our kind donors and the idea behind it was to bring the Himalayan and Tibetan community together in a spirit of sportsmanship, brotherhood and friendship. The tournament was a big success and it proved as a reason for celebration and a get together party for the entire Tibetan youngster in Katmandu. The tournament was held on Saturday June 18, 25th and 2nd July 2011.Sporting events are a wonderful opportunity for the youth to come together and interact with each other. This tournament had not only provided a stage for competition but also created a chance for our people to reunite and gather the spirit of unity again.

Bodrigpunda team extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters and donors whose consistent supports made it easy for us to achieve our goal, we also extend our deep gratitude to Songsten School for giving us basketball court for the tournament held there. We believe in working as a unit, cooperation must be the sources of achieving resolution for any problems and as a team nothing is undone, so therefore we truly appreciate all the help that we have received so far. Further in future, we also wish for the same kind of support and appreciation from all of you. Thank you so much.

Eight Teams participated on this occasion

1. Ex- Srongtsen School
2. Ex- TCV
3. Ex Sambotta A A
4. Norbulingka Club
5. Namgyal Middle School
6. Namgyal Chowk Club
7. Phakshing United A
8. Phakshing United B

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Phakshing United won the Birthday Cup and was rewarded with handsome prize money of 20,000 NRs, along with winners’ cup, certificates and individual medals amidst the frenzy crowd of supporters gathered from each team.

First runner up was a team of Sambhota AA and they were awarded the prize money of 13,000 NRs along with certificates and individual medals.

The best player of the tournament, Mr. Chime Dorjee (Ex Sambotta AA) was also awarded with the prize money of 3,000 NRs.

Income and Expenses  report of the Tournament
1. Total entry free NRS 40,000/-
2. donation Received : NRS 24000/-
Total Cash In : 64000/-

Total expenses detail Report:
1. Prize Money total: 36000/-
2. Refree fee total : 18000/-
3. ground fee total: 13000/-
4. medal, trophy and certificate and card total: 15800/-
5. ball, whistle, net, pump, stop watch total: 6500/-
6. Miscellaneous total: 4350/-
Total Expenses: 93,650/-