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Bodrigpunda is a non profit organization known as a strong bond of Tibetan Brother and Sister and togetherness. This organization was founded by our team of Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal, established on 16th march 2008 with the very strong motivation in uplifting social problems prevailing in the Tibetan society as well as to contribute and work for all Tibetan people for their effort in finding peaceful Tibet, democratic values and greater Autonomy from China. The organization focuses on identifying the problem and looks for effective measures to resolute it. Moreover, the organization also aims to assist in educating children and empowering people. We the Tibetans in Nepal work together for our people.

We strongly believes in the idea of empowering the youth and especially school going students who are really the future seeds of the nation and the world through assisting them through one of the most decisive period of life; school life with educational materials such as notebooks, pencils and others. Our vision is born out of the fact that education is one of the most powerful and liberating tools we can invest in our youth, and thereby creating a happier and wonderful tomorrow.

Our primary objectives

1) Encouraging the youth to participate in different programs.

3) Highlighting the common problems and help the needy establishments in the society

4) Annually publishing magazine that will feature all the true and relevant issues.

5) Organizing sport tournament to create a friendly gathering

6) To provide a platform for them to showcase their talent.

7) To bring awareness of the political crisis that has been taking place inside Tibet as well as the mistreatment refugees are receiving in Nepal.


532064_638724476143465_1317619404_n1. T I B E T – Included a Tibetan National flag

2. T E A M – The round figures representing a People (TEAM)

3. B O N D – The name says “Bodrigpunda” which makes a sense of “Bond and togetherness”. So the people are holding hands.

4. D E V E L O P M E N T – The arrow which is in the upward position representing the “Development” Because the Association is formed for the overall development of the Tibetan Youth and society

5. D I V E R S I T Y – There are multiple arrows which represents the “Diversity”. The Association extend their helping hands in the Diverse subject. Example: sports, education, religion etc.