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A story that sheds the skin of innocence and indifferent attitude of Chinese towards Tibetan

Tashi Choedon
Brave woman Mrs. Tashi Choedon and her children.

Behind the beautiful Himalayas, lurks the savage act of barbarism that for decades has yielded many sad, untold and heart shattering stories, some of which had ended in rather very painful and traumatic anticlimax.

This is one such story of a woman, she was sentenced by Chinese governed autonomous region of Tibet, for seven years imprisonment for being kind to one of the demonstrator during the 2008 riot in Tibet. She is serving her sentence and she wants everyone living in a free country to know about her story. She is desperate and she is willing to risk everything including her husband and four young children by advertising her case in front of the world. We are revealing her identity only at the desperate request of the victim herself. Her name is Tashi Choedon, 38 years old, from Kham(Seyul Zong Rachapchom). This story is publicized with the conscious approval of this brave and desperate woman and also undermining all the possible consequences that might follow with it.

It all started few years back during the time of Olympic, when Tibet witnessed a burning rage that nearly engulfed its beautiful capital city Lhasa, resulting in a fiery wave of protest that not only killed many innocent people but also put many behind bars and many are still in the queue for execution. Subsequently, at that time! This woman took home a young boy who was involved in the protest and who at that time was seemed to be in a state of shock but was later shown as a main culprit, carrying a big knife in the picture taken from the perspectives of bias journalism. Despite of the risk involved, this brave woman motivated by compassion and the sense of responsibility towards her country did something that most would certainly do under such situation.

She kept this boy with her in her home till the time, when some spy from the nearby town knew about it and informed it to the Chinese officials, since from that day she has been continuously traumatized by the various means of judicial punishment given ever so often to her. Finally, after so much of pain and suffering, she is now determined to let everyone know about her story, even if it cost her life, she will now face seven years imprisonment, because, those pictures were used as the major evidences, that were held against the victims for their identification and persecution.

Since, living in a relatively free world, we know that the pictures alone could not substantially give total justification of the entire scenario of that situation. Legally in any judiciary system of this world, there should be more than enough valid evidence in order to establish any verdict especially like that of capital punishment, but in this case the emphasis were given mainly on pictures that were taken during the turmoil and such consideration could only be applicable in the country like china, whose judiciary system is highly infamous in the world for its number of death sentence in a year.
Moreover, what we have seen in those pictures did not fully convey the real condition of the ordinary Tibetan people, since we know that pictures cannot cover the whole range of human emotions that were involved in that moment, therefore we believe that it had failed to express the suppressed emotional state and the state of confusion in the mind of that young boy.

Most of the time during such situation, emotions takes control over ones personal will and after that one does not realize what is right or wrong. Acknowledging that side of the story, this brave woman then took such an unselfish decision and hide the young boy for nearly two years. At that time, this boy was a stranger to her and without any relation, she took this case into her hand knowing what could happened if the Chinese officials come to know about it. And that’s what exactly happened, she was charged for rescuing that young boy, who will face a death sentence after two years. His name is Sonam tsering and he is just 22 years old.

Sometimes in our lives, there comes a situation like this that demand so much from us that we usually forget about the consequences, this brave woman has shown us what compassion and love for the country is, she did what according to her was the best thing to do at that time and for that she is willing to take everything. We respect and pay our solidarity to this brave and extraordinary woman, bodrigpunda thuntsok express our sincere support and urge the people of the world to take action to stop the execution of this young boy. We request all the freedom loving country to help save the life of this young boy.

compiled by Team Bodrigpunda